Calgary Home Sales Slow But Still Hit a Record High for July

Calgary Home Sales July 2021

Home sales slowed in Calgary last month, but not enough to keep from hitting a new record high for the month of July. That’s according to the latest figures from the Calgary Real Estate Board.

Sales for July topped 2,300. That’s up considerably from last July, but down from home sales of more than 2,900 this past June.

The number of listings was also up from the same time last year, but substantially down from what we saw in June. As for the average home price, that topped $488,000 in July 2021, compared to a little more than $466,000 in July 2020.

Still, that’s down from the more than $494,000 average home price reported this past June. Realtors are seeing people moving out of townhomes and condos into larger homes. 

People are said to be looking for things like home offices and yards. While supply was higher this July than in July 2020, the CREB says most of the available properties were row homes and apartments. 

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